Ribbon Works

9825 Ashburn Rd
Ashburn, Ontario
L0B 1A0

Phone: 905-655-8873
Fax: 905-655-2240

Email: info@ribbonworks.ca

Order Info

If you wish to place an order for our ribbons, please print out our order form, fill it out and fax 905-655-2240 or email info@ribbonworks.ca

To obtain the best pricing, calculate the TOTAL number of ribbons in your order and refer to the appropriate price range. Please remember that shipping and handling are not included in the prices shown.

Ribbon works now accept Visa, Mastercard or E Transfer

Click below to view the placing colours:
Ribbon Placing Colours
Standard & Special Ribbon Colours

If you wish, you may print and use our Template Ribbon to mark your requirements for your ribbons.

  • Additional foil colours, including RAINBOW, Navy, White, Blue, Green are available at an additional charge.
  • Custom logo stamping die $75.00 one time fee
  • Custom Rosette Designs are possible and priced accordingly
  • Extra ribbon (streamers or length) can be used at .04 cents an inch
  • Stipes  Gingham  & Tinsel materials require additional pricing per unit.
  • New accents and overlays pricing available upon request
  • RUSH orders under 48 hours  add $15.00 per invoice
  • Set up fee of $10.00
  • Production time 3 weeks. In case of emergency order  with less than 48 hours, $15.00 fee may be charged for staff.
  • Deposit required on new accounts.
  • All orders COD.
  • Taxes & Shipping Extra
  • Additional fee may be charged if custom logo is not camera ready